About Us
Our Philosophy
The profile of a well-groomed man mirrors the evolution of denim from its rawest form – contours are defined and strengthened as they mature; revealing character that is at once distinguished, refined and personal. Selvedge Grooming is the complete grooming solution curated for the well-kempt and scrupulously sharp gentleman. Achieve subtle sophistication with each wash; exfoliate, polish, and nourish each groove, each whisker, shaping every minute detail with deft precision.

Convey charisma with an immaculate jawline, invigorated skin and a well-shaped mane. For a finish that is one’s own, down to the smallest detail, flawlessly perfected.

About Us
Driven by traditional denim craftsmanship, Selvedge Grooming appreciates that no two skins are alike. Artisan raw denim confirms to each wearer’s individual identity, expressing unique character over time, shaped by how that person sits or what is carried in the pockets every day. Our skin matures in the same way: daily routine, environmental pollutants, diet and stress affect our skin uniquely. Aging is a fact of life, but it should not stop us from doing it gracefully. Formulated to provide the best, the solution is a comprehensive range of products that understands the particular needs of every skin. Selvedge Grooming harnesses potent natural botanical extracts and synergistic micronutrients to reveal the best of your features over time. The range is also specially curated to provide efficacy while reducing effort to a minimum, perfect for the modern gentleman always on the go.

Each product is expertly engineered – effective, down-to-earth and multipurpose; Selvedge Grooming is a smart grooming range that provides all the comfort and freedom that you need. The thing’s we’ll do for the perfect pair of denim, for the prefect skin. A canvas of strength and character that is wholly your own.

Selvedge Grooming products are enriched with natural botanical extracts, and are formulated without Mineral Oils, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Triclosan, Silicone and Formaldehyde Donors.