Pomades 101
Oil-based vs. Water-based
Pomades are primarily designed to bless hair with extra shine while giving you the style and control that you want.
If you have short to medium length hair, or if you want the pompadour/slicked-back look, pomades might just be the styling product for you.

Pomade comes in two main types: Oil-based and Water-based.

The traditional Oil-based pomades provide infinite moldability with a fantastic shine and could be reshaped throughout the day. Many, if not all, of the oil-based pomades, have petroleum, soft paraffin or mineral oil as the first ingredient. They are ideal for those who wish to redo their style throughout the day. However, the products are difficult to get rid off with just water or a single wash, potentially resulting in unhealthy hair and undesirable 'pomade acne'.

Water-based pomades can be easily washed off with water while offering an excellent level of hold. Some of them have the flexibility to restyle by using a small amount of water. The chances of breaking out are minuscule compared to their oil-based counterpart and are likely to be a better option for warmer weather as they are non-greasy and have a lighter feel. They don’t, however, provide the same high level of shine, give a stiffer finish and costlier in general.

How to use:
Pomades go best with clean hair, so wash your hair first before applying whenever possible.
For best results, style on slightly damp hair.
Use your finger to scoop the pomade and rub your hands together to spread the product out evenly.
Starting from the roots, disperse the products all the way up to the tips.
Experiment how much pomade works best for you - start with a dime sized amount and add more if necessary.