Common Wet Shave Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
A Simple 4-Step Guide
As any gentleman will know, the art of wet shaving is a lot more challenging than it first appears. Relax; even guys who have been shaving for decades can find it hard to get a high-quality, all-over 10/10 wet shave. While it might take you more than a few attempts to get it right, we want to help you avoid those common mistakes everyone does:

• Incorrect Prep
Start off with a "face wash", using warm water and doing so for about a couple of minutes. This helps to open up the pores of the skin and softens the beard, making shaving a whole lot easier – this can reduce friction and burns, too.
It’s such a simple step, but many people make the mistake of just diving straight in.
Taking it to another level: use a bit of pre-shave oil.

• Lacking Lather
Another common error when going for a good wet shave is not using a "proper shaving lather" before you get things underway. If you don’t, then you are asking for your skin to get damaged and for cuts to form. Not only does the lather offer protective cushion, but it acts as a lubricating agent between blade and skin which can avoid that rough, uncouth finish.

• Going Hard
One of the worst things you can do – even with the best lather – is going overzealous with the pressure. Going too deep into the skin is likely to cause unnecessary cuts and major razor burns. Excessive strokes and pushing down on the face is only likely to leave you with a rather harsh, painful face afterwards. Use a "good quality razor", too.

• Poor Post-Shave Protection
Using a "high-quality moisturising aftershave"after your grooming ritual is easily the most overlooked part. You basically just stood there and chopped away at your face, so you'll need something that can calm the irritation and redness down. It can also help to keep your face nice and smooth and makes sure your beard isn't replaced by red blotches.
So, stay hydrated before and after the shave, make sure you give yourself plenty of lather and avoid going too hard. Keep the angles simple, and you will be much more likely to get an enjoyable shave where you can feel good and be happy with the results afterwards!
Tips for a better shave
Before, During & After
1) Before
A good shave starts with a thorough cleanse using a beard softening cleanser. Try applying a hot towel for three minutes to soften your facial hair - this makes the shaving ritual a lot easier.

2) During
After cleansing your face and opening your pores, be sure to begin your shave immediately for that closer and cleaner shave. 

Hold the razor in your dominant hand. Start shaving on the either side of your face first as these areas are relatively flat surfaces and easier to shave. Then move on to the difficult areas, like your upper lip, your chin and jawline. You could use your free hand to pull your skin tight for a smoother shave.
Prevent build up on your razor by running the blade under water for a comfortable and smooth glide.

3) After
The moment you have completed your shave splash your face with cold water. This will not only wash away any residue, but it’s considered to be the simplest way to close pores and stop any bleeding from accidental slips with the razor.
Apply a hydrating aftershave moisturiser to soothe razor burns. Clean your shaving supplies and store in a dry, clean place to avoid bacteria build up.