Facial Skincare Routine Part 2
For a complete skin care routine, you will need a good quality moisturiser to close the deal. To say the least, not moisturising your skin is like wearing a pair of expensive leather shoes without conditioning them first; they aren’t going to stay pristine for long. A good moisturiser should at least hydrate your skin, seal in moisture and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Once you have washed your face, pat with a towel. Before your skin completely dries, rub a small amount of moisturiser onto your face using a gentle upward and outward motion. The aim is to cover the whole face and neck with a thin layer of product and not go overboard.

Use twice daily.

It’s essential to moisturise your skin at night as this is when all the cells in your body rest, recover and rejuvenate. The moisturiser should soothe and repair the skin from environmental traumas experienced throughout the day.