The lost art of meal etiquettes

Whether you with your friends, your colleagues, potential employer or your beautiful date, as a modern day gentleman, there are rules that you should adhere to when you sit down for a meal.
Every meal should be an occasion - you come to the table to have great food, great drinks and a great time; At the end of the meal, you should leave the table feeling satisfied and most importantly, knowing your parents would be proud of your table manners.
We think we are all aware the importance of being on time and chewing with our month closed, and surely at some point in time, we were taught that the napkin belongs to our lap, not the shirtfront.
So besides keeping our elbows off the dining table, sitting up straight and not playing with your food, what else?
We have compiled a quick list, some of us might still be doing it out of habit, but we live, and we learn. You're welcome:

1) No headgears at the table - that and don't wear sunglasses indoors (unless you have a legitimate medical reason)

2) Don't chomp on ice - you are there to eat FOOD. If you are on a weight loss regime, hit the gym.

3) If you enjoy the food, compliment the host. You can smack as many lips as you want when you are alone - just not in public.

4) Does half chewed food look appealing to you? No, we didn't think it would, and neither will the people dining with you, so don't talk with your mouth full... and don't pick your teeth at the table.

5) If you need to leave the table, say excuse me - you don't need to explain why. Your companions don't need a visual image while enjoying their Chilli con Carne... and if you need to blow your nose - excuse yourself.

6) Try not to belch or burp at the table - we are all happy to smell our food only just once. But if you absolutely need to, use your napkin to at least muffle the sound.

7) Say please and thank you, especially to servers. AND don't argue with them, unless you want a little something extra in your food.

8) Don't wolf down your food - what's the hurry?

9) Keep your belt buckled even though you just had an extravagantly large meal - it is creepy if you unbuckle your belt at the table... what's next, your pants?

10) and finally, a life motto that we have heard plenty of times and it applies at dinner in a little more literally: Don't bite off more than you can chew.

P.S. Put your phone down

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