How to apply cologne?

Men are told they are at their best when they are au naturel – no, not naked, but their natural manly selves. But only up to a point of course. Smelling like your au naturel manly self after a two-hour workout may not be the best approach for that important client cocktail reception, even if you do have a nice six pack.

So before you slip on your tux, be sure to have a shower, and then maybe add a splash of something a little less hairy-knuckled than your many self, and a little more George Clooney if you get our drift. Like a nice French cologne for example. The French know what they’re doing when it comes to scents and colognes. They may be invisible, the scents we mean, not the French, but they can make you feel invincible, ready for anything, and anybody – maybe even her!

But don’t just hurl it on and hope for the best. A little finesse is what you need here. So, here are a few tips for passing the scent test and enticing her a little closer while you nonchalantly sip your champagne and ignore her…


1. Scents love a bit of social distancing

Don’t spray it on too close to your skin, but don’t stand so far away you miss yourself altogether. Around three to six inches is about right to avoid over or under-applying.


2. Scents don’t like it cold.

Heat helps to diffuse the scent of your chosen cologne. For the same reason that heated food always smells stronger than say, a tub of ice cream. Your neck, chest, pulse points, forearms and inner elbows are the warmest parts of your body, so spray moderately on these hot spots to get the best results.


3. Don’t rub it in, you’re not fixing a tight hamstring

 Yes, you’ve seen other people rub it in. But rubbing breaks the molecular bond in the fragrance which results in the scent just fading faster. So ignore the no-nothings, they’ll be out of the game by the time the hors d'oeuvres come round. A gentle dab is all you need. Gentle!


4. Fragrance is for your skin. It’s not for your clothes.

Some of the ingredients in perfume can be harmful to the fabric of your clothes. They are made for skin, so that’s where you should dab them.

A man with a faint hint of cologne or perfume, can be very enticing. See, she’s edged even closer. And there are lots of scents to choose from. So simply find one that matches your personal style. For example, our Toscano Eau de Toilette has a hint of sweetness that is very impressive. Or, if you want to keep people guessing what that scent is you’re wearing, our Selvatico Eau de Toilette offers a complex diffusive fragrance with multiple, rapidly evolving facets. If you’re still a bit nervous of smelling too good, start small with just a little dab here and there. You don’t want to announce your arrival from the other side of the car park. You want to intrigue people, and especially her, to edge a little closer. Now look, her glass is empty… that’s probably not by chance my friend. Fragrant dreams.

A great fragrance to keep yourself smelling of sophistication and sensuality.

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