Tips for a better shave

A good shave starts with a thorough cleanse using a beard softening cleanser. Try applying a hot towel for three minutes to soften your facial hair - this makes the shaving ritual a lot easier.

After cleansing your face and opening your pores, be sure to begin your shave immediately for that closer and cleaner shave. 

Hold the razor in your dominant hand. Start shaving on the either side of your face first as these areas are relatively flat surfaces and easier to shave. Then move on to the difficult areas, like your upper lip, your chin and jawline. You could use your free hand to pull your skin tight for a smoother shave.
Prevent build up on your razor by running the blade under water for a comfortable and smooth glide.

The moment you have completed your shave splash your face with cold water. This will not only wash away any residue, but it’s considered to be the simplest way to close pores and stop any bleeding from accidental slips with the razor. 
Apply a hydrating aftershave moisturiser to soothe razor burns. Clean your shaving supplies and store in a dry, clean place to avoid bacteria build up.

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