What hair styling product should you use?

Unless you’re Santa Claus, or you can magically afford to ‘ho… ho… ho…’ your way through Christmas with little regard for your appearance, chances are you’ll want to look sharp and well-groomed for all your festive functions. So we’re here to tell you what you need to do to be a #GoodHairboy, and the tools you can ask Santa for to get the job done:


If your hair and beard are out of control…

Hair style: texture crop Get Grooming Balm.

This is a creamy styling balm for unruly hair and over-bountiful beards. Specially formulated with olive oil, Chamomile and bamboo extract it instantly conditions, softens and nourishes hard-to-manage hair. If you want your hairstyle to look natural, this is also for you.

Bonus: it also makes your hair look thicker! Works like a charm on medium to long hair.


If frizz is your enemy...

Hair style: upward texture Get Grooming Wax.

This will help you to sculpt your beard and hair into place with a light and flexible hold. Add height and definition. Enriched with coconut oil and Vitamin E, it will deliver a moisture boost while reducing breakage, taming frizz and flattening flyaway.

Bonus: with all the moisture it provides, your hair will look healthier and be less likely to break!


If you need a strong hold…

Hair style: parted and slick to the side Get Classic Pomade.

This elegant glossing pomade is designed to impart just the right amount of shine for perfectly textured hair. Vitamins and bamboo extract add extra lustre while protecting and nourishing your hair without greasiness. Provides a light yet strong hold.

Bonus: after a long night of partying, you can wash it out quickly and easily before you hit the sack! Perfect for pompadour.


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