What’s the best time to shave

It won’t change your ‘feng shui’, but depending on the following factors, you may find it best to shave either in the morning or, surprisingly, in the evening:


1  Are you a morning person?

You may be scoffing at the question, and asking ‘who is?’. But there are people with superhuman strengths for whom getting up early is not a challenge at all. If you’re one of them, then shaving in the morning is something you may be more inclined to do. After all, shaving isn’t a 30-second matter - or at least, it shouldn’t be. It takes time to shave properly. If you rush it, you may cut or irritate your skin. Rushing, combined with morning sleepiness, may end up with your bathroom looking like the shower scene from Psycho.


2  Do you drink at night?

Obviously, we don’t recommend shaving after a night on the town with your buddies. And you may have a hangover the following morning, so an early evening shave will certainly beat putting a razor to your neck when you’re not 100% sober.


3  Does your beard grow quickly?

If you need to be cleanly shaven to make a good impression during the day, and your beard grows like a teenager in puberty, then you may want to shave in the morning whether you like it or not. Or even have a quick ‘top-up’ shave midday so you don’t look like a midnight stalker during that important afternoon interview.


So when do you prefer to shave…. in the morning or evening?

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