Beard Styles

Our ancestors first used beards for warmth against the colder temperatures, as well as posing as an intimidating factor when it comes down to dealing with other males.

The functions of beards above might be obsolete, and since it's no longer a tool for survival, so why bother growing one?

Because it looks damn good if it's appropriately grown & styled (provided you are not follically challenged)

For hair, you have Pompadour, Crew Cuts, Man Buns, Undercuts, etc.; the beard is not that different, there is a range of names and terms for them, and that's what we are going to be covering today.


Balbo, Anchor,

Short Boxed

Brett, Chinstrap, Amish, Old Dutch

Goatee and Moustache

Natural Full, Bandholz, Garibaldi, Verdi

Friendly Mutton Chops, À La Souvarov, Hulihee

Ducktail, French Fork




Wowee - that's quite a bit isn't it?

If you just want to know which type of beard style is best suited for your face shape, stay tuned - we have got an article coming.

If you have got nothing better to do and/or want to learn something, read on - we have made it bite-sized, so it's easy to digest.



Disconnected Beard

Balbo | Anchor

Combining moustache and high chin hair growth, featuring a break between the moustache and the chin. Also known as an Inverted T.


Boxed Beard

Friendly for most workplaces. Closely groomed with the natural growth of your facial hair. Imagine a Full Beard but neatly trimmed.


Chin Beard

Brett | Chinstrap | Amish | Old Dutch

As the name implies, chin hair growth along the jawline without the presence of a moustache.


Goatee & Moustache

Also known as Circle Beard or the Door Knocker. Ring-shaped beard formed by connecting a goatee and a moustache. Cheek is cleanly shaved.


Full Beard

Natural Full | Bandholz | Garibaldi | Verdi

You've guessed it - a full-on growth without any contouring. Probably the toughest and rarest one of all beard styles. Depends very heavily on genetics.


Imperial Beard

Friendly Mutton Chops | À La Souvarov | Hulihee

The joining of moustache and sideburns, with the absence of a goatee, or a full moustache with more hair on the cheeks than above the lip. Not to be confused with the Imperial Moustache, which is a bushy moustache with the tips curled upwards.


Pointed Beard

Ducktail | French Fork

Close relative to the Full Beard family. The facial hair on the chin is grown out and groomed to a point while keeping the areas above the jaw-line trimmed and tidy.



Sideburns | Mutton Chops

Facial hair that is grown on the sides of the face, an extension of the hairline.



This one doesn't require an explanation, does it?


There you have it, a quick overview of the 9 major classes of beard shape and styles. You're welcome.


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