Face Shape Beard Style Cheat sheet

We had covered which hairstyles complement a specific face shape in part 1 of the series.

Now with part 2, we are going to focus on beards.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to see which beard class best match your face shape!


! Spoiler alert !

The most forgiving beard styles are: Boxed & Stubbles, and if you are lucky enough, go for a Full Beard



Beards to remain neutral to angular features.

Focus on soft contours and avoid hard edges.




Create layer and bulk on lower part of the face, especially the chin area.

Create angular features with a hard cheek line




You are a lucky man!

Feel free to experiment with various angular beard styles, provided you are not follically challenged.




Get the appearance of a more chiselled jaw with facial hair to increase the length of the face.




You can pretty much try out any beard styles.

Pick based on preference, beard growth patterns and how you want to enhance you look.




Taper and conseal the jaw-line with large bulky beards.

Keep your beard groomed to maintain the ratio and symmetry.




Your goal is to shorten the appearance of the face by growing your facial hair on the sides.

Maintain the overall balance and keep the beard on your chin (if any) trimmed



We do get asked a lot as to whether they should do a hard line or have a natural finish when it comes to beards. It is all personal preferences, just keep in mind that hard lines will emphasise features, and natural lines/finish helps to soften them.


Beard Style Cheat Sheet for Men

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