Why you need to go to a barbershop

For the vast majority of people – even people who care about how they look – time dictates originality.

By this, we mean that most wind up in a run-of-the-mill hairdresser that just goes for a simple finish.

The same pre-packed finishes; the cutting equivalent of a TV dinner.

Not the worst, will do in a rush if you need a quick tidy-up, but hardly setting you up for anything productive.

So, for that reason, instead of always walking out with the same haircut as the last guy, visit a barbershop.


A barbershop is different; it’s cool. It’s a place for guys who have a touch of style, character, class, and patter to hang out.

When you see someone who looks slick, they’ve usually been to a barber shop.


Up until the 1940s, barbershops were a crucial part of the male grooming experience.

A place for gentlemen to meet up with friends and look classy while doing so.


Here are 5 reasons why you should make the trek.



They know how to give you a proper man’s haircut.

Not something off the TV; not a carbon copy of whatever is trendy.

Something that suits you, your style and your personality.

Barbers can give you a fine, clipped finish that looks fantastic and is genuinely finished.



They can assist you with everything from a quality, lasting shave to a bit of extra grooming assistance, too.

They won’t offer to turn you into a replica of a poodle or anything like that.

They’ll help you keep a refined style and class without being unkempt.



It’s an excellent place to meet people.

When you go the barbers, you meet men who you can have a chat with; talking about things you a genuinely interested in.



You’ll meet some interesting characters and some memorable names who, you never know, might just become important to you in a professional way.

Plenty of people have made great contacts in a barber shop, even today.



Best of all, you’ll enjoy a sense of engagement from it.

Most people are in and out of a hairdresser without as much as a decent laugh the whole way through.

Barbershops are, in our opinion, more professional, more tailored to helping you feel unique and better than bars for meeting people of repute and quality.


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