Face Shape Hairstyle Cheat sheet

Your face shape plays a significant factor on which hair & beard style suits you best. Have you ever wondered why you can never rock a Pompadour, or when that friend of yours decided to get a crew cut, he looks just a little funny and... impish?

We took the liberty to cover all the face shapes our barbers have encountered at the shop, along with what you should look out for when you are going for your next haircut.


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Goal: Balance the overall structure and the angular features

Top: Add Volume

Sides: Maintain some length. Add soft taper.

Avoid: Aggressive fades - it emphasizes the size of the ears.




Goal: Redistribute proportions of forehead and chin.

Top: Keep it Longer. Keep texture soft and organic.

Sides: Keep it balanced with the top

Avoid: Shaved sides / Aggressive fades - it increases the width of the forehead.




You are a lucky man! Feel free to experiment with a variety of styles

Avoid: Fringes as it creates the illusion of a rounder face.




Goal: Create sharp layers, textures & asymmetry using angular effects in corners.

Top: Add height, volume & texture

Sides: Short & tight

Avoid: Hair draping on the forehead as it emphasizes the roundness of the face.




Aren't you lucky? You can pretty much get away with anything. Get yourself a great barber, and start looking at hair images for inspiration.




Goal: Balance the ratio between the prominent jaw-line and the narrow forehead

Top: Longer lengths with volume. Textured

Sides: Keep it balanced with the top, ideally with some length.

Avoid: Hiding your forehead or High Fades as they mess with the balance of the ratio




Goal: Avoid further elongating the face. Maintain the face shape's balance

Top: Keep it relatively flat

Sides: Try to keep as much length as possible (in relation to the top)

Avoid: Short/Tight Back & Sides + too much height on top.


Men's Hairstyle Cheat sheet


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