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In 5 easy steps, you are going to find out what face shape you have - trust us, you are going to want to do this - not only will this help you to find the hair & beard style most suited to you, it will also help you to call a poorly trained barber out and save you from going down the road of an ill-fitted haircut/beard trim from an inaccurate consultation.


First 4 steps

To determine your face shape - you will need the dimension of your

Forehead: The widest part - usually half way between your eyebrows and hairline.

Cheekbones: Just below the outer corner of each eye. Take the dimension from the pointiest part of one to the other.

Face Length: The tip of your chin, all the way up to the centre of your hairline.

Jaw-line: The trickiest part of all. From the tip of your chin to below your ear - where the jaw bone starts - and multiply the number by 2. Also, take note of the shape of your chin. Is it Round? Square? Pointy?


You will only need to do this once - unless you are planning to go through a significant face structure changing plastic surgery.



Final Step

Now organize the values in descending (the highest value to the lowest value) order and refer to below to find out what your face shape is



Face Length has the highest value, followed by Cheekbone, Forehead & Jaw-line.

Chin: Pointy



Face Length is greater than the other 3. Similar measurements for Forehead, Cheekbone & Jaw-line.

Chin: Squared



Face Length has a highest value, followed with similar measurements for Cheekbone & Forehead, and finally the Jaw-line.

Chin: Rounded



Similar measurements for Face Length & Cheekbone. They are larger than Forehead & Jawline, which in turn have similar measurements.

Chin: Round



Similar measurements for all four.

Chin: Squared



Forehead. Followed with Cheekbone. Followed with Jawline.

Chin: Pointed



Jawline has the highest measurement. Followed with Cheekbone and finally Forehead.

Chin: Pointed



Next we are going to cover which hairstyles are best for each face shape. Stay tuned!

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