Four things girls notice about your appearance

They say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest, if the book is scruffy and filthy, we’re probably not even going to touch it, far less judge it. So while appearances are certainly not everything, they do count. So what kind of ‘book’ are you, and how do girls see you?


1  Beards

What do beards and razors have in common?

They are both double-edged swords. A good one looks sharp, clean and attractive, while a bad one, well… you get the point.

When people ask what the heck happened to your face, you can always lie and mumble about a bad razor day, or a traffic accident.

Fortunately everything can be fixed with a good grooming wax or balm and a high-quality shaving kit. Or, just come to our barber shop and we’ll have you and your beard looking sharp and appealing in no time.

Pair the 5 Blades safety razor with one of your favourite hairstyling essentials 


2  Hair

This may sound like a slight exaggeration, but your hairstyle says a lot about you, and your artistic and creative sense, or lack thereof!

If you think your hair is letting you down, then maybe you just haven’t found the right tools to befriend it. Perhaps you’re using the wrong styling product or you simply need a good shampoo to tame it. Whatever it is, you also need to know what face shape you have so you know what hair style works best for you. 

But just remember that book. And realise that whatever your story, and whatever your charms and wit, greasy, unkempt, scruffy hair ain’t gonna cut it with the ladies … or anyone else, for that matter.


3  Face

“Hey come on, my face is my face”, we hear you say. “OK, so I’m not Brad Pitt, but what can I do?’” Well, first, drop the attitude! And second, we’re talking about taking care of your skin here.

A good skincare routine is simple and can be very effective. As long as you stick to it, live well, get your beauty sleep and eat properly, you are going to glow with health and vigour.

She may even ask you what the heck you are doing to have such good skin. It’s a good ice-breaker. And you can always tell her you use the same routine as Brad.

Want to have perfect skin for the date?


4  Scent

OK, so you can’t see scent. But that mouldy old book, wasn’t too appealing in the fragrance department either. So let’s at least stay fresh and showered. But, more than that, you may be surprised to learn that a person’s scent can be a real turn on, especially for women, when it comes to selecting a partner.

But just go easy with the after shave there chief. Just the merest hint of a fragrance or body spray that suits you and appeals to her, can be enough to draw her a little closer and start turning a few of your pages.

Perfect balance of sweetness or A deep woody smell


The rest? Well, we’ll leave that up to you…


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