They say we are only as good as your hair. When your hair looks good, we look good. But then what about ‘bad hair’ days. Those days when you are tempted to call in ‘sick’ because your hair has gone on strike. What can you do? Well read on and we’ll give you five big ‘don’t’ so your hair will never get out of control again.


1. Thinking more is more.

‘My hair’ is so unruly so I am going to double up on my styling product!’ No, no! If you use too much, your hair’s going to look weird. Think US President. Find out your hair type and pick a styling product that matches. If you’ are not sure how much to use, always start small.

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2. Using products on wet hair.

Don’t style when your hair is too wet, it will seriously dilute whatever you are using and you will just end up in a mess.


3. Going for a hairstyle you may not have time to maintain.

If you’re always in a rush, don’t go for any hairstyles that’s going to take up half your day trying to get it ‘right’. You will only end up disappointing yourself, and we don’t want that.


4. Using the wrong products.

There are lots of different styling products for different purposes. For example, never use a gel or pomade if you have fine or thinning hair, use a balm instead; and always use a conditioner to add body to your hair.

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5. Waiting too long to get a haircut.

Unless you’re aiming for long hair, get a haircut frequently as hair tends to get more difficult to style properly as it gets longer. So you will end up having to use more product to achieve the same results. But do go for a fresh look every now and then, and people will notice!


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